Larry’s Birthday/Grand Opening

Well, the time has finally come. Larry’s Place is officially opening for business. It also happens to be my birthday! So come on down and celebrate. $100 MOP at the door gets you free-flowing sangria (alcoholic and non-alcoholic,) tins of beer, party food (vege and vegan-friendly) and a guaranteed good time. RSVP so I can get an idea of catering. 🎉 🍻 🍷 那麼,時間終於來臨了。拉里廣場正式開業。這也恰好是我的生日!所以下來慶祝吧。在門口100美元澳門幣讓你自由流動的桑格利亞汽酒,啤酒罐,派對食物(蔬菜和素食主義者友好),並保證良好的時間。通過DM的RSVP,我可以得到一個餐飲的想法🎉 🍻 🍷